Big data and Internet Privacy

What happens when big companies compete for your Information

Big data and Internet Privacy

There are plenty of reasons to have a VPN service to use when you use the internet. In this article we will give some helpful tips and tools that will help you in selecting the most suitable VPN service. This article was created with the help of where the different providers discussed and reviewed.

The following reasons are already affect the final choice you should make.

The databesparingsapp Opera Max can now be used again without you this again and again to turn on again manually after watching an ad. The twist: that happens in Exchange for loading screen ads.

Opera Max is a VPN, a virtual private network. That means that when Opera Max is selected, any data that you send and receive through Opera’s servers. The company makes use of images and videos to optimize and shrink. This can provide savings for large data. In addition, the use of a VPN another advantage when you use public Wi-Fi points: the connection may not be ‘ bugged ‘ by people around you.

When using a VPN, it is important that you trust the provider: all your browsing information and data traffic are processed through the servers of that party. Now the company is Opera for years active and lists it as reliable. Many people know of the Opera Web browser, but there is among other things also developed software for tv-decoders for cable providers. However, the Web services were previously taken over by the Chinese company Qihoo 360, a provider of among other virus scanners. Because the efficacy of virus scanners on Android in General is being questioned and no Chinese companies have good reputation in the field of security, this seemed no positive development. We know however, Qihoo 360 of the monthly Android security updates from Google. Not a month beyond that Qihoo 360 is not mentioned in connection with reporting and closing big security holes.

A in the beginning of november could in many Opera Max resistance from users. To the saving to pay for service, ads are shown in the Opera Max app. Since early november worked Opera Max not fully unrestricted more: every 12 hours the service had to be reactivated on a screen that is equipped with an ad.

Here too the service funded through ads. When you the VIP mode, you get to see ads on the loading screen. Opera Max then adds an extra layer on your unlock screen where you see an ad on. This is only enabled when your phone to the charger, which only a limited time should be.

Privacy policy and location of company

If your main reason to use a VPN to your privacy is good, you need to consider how your data is handled there.

First, you can check what their logbeleid. In other words: how many they hit on about your use on the internet. Some VPN services say nothing to save, that seems to us, in any case, the best choice if you your privacy important.

If you have this established, it is important that you look at what the settlement land of the VPN provider. Some countries, can require companies to data about their users by playing. Other countries which you might want to avoid if you want your data confidential are.