Naughty Pinay Scandals


… apologies for people looking for pinay celebrity scandal, video scandal, or any other scandal. you have been misled. toinks. :P

This one’s actually for bloggers…

Yesterday, I was having some sort of a blog tutorial session with kuya nerbie, and he taught me keyword research. He said it’s something I had to do to augment my “income”. Hehe… and so, today, I just did some keyword research, and this blog post is a result of that. :D

This is my personal naughty pinay scandal. Hahaha!

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3 Responses to Naughty Pinay Scandals

  1. Roy says:


    may ganito ka na rin a :)

  2. admin says:

    matindi ang pangangailangan, kuya eh. hahaha. :D

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