How to gain more Instagram followers

Some tips for companies to get thousands of Instagram followers for free

How to gain more Instagram followers

The Instagram released last Tuesday (8), toggle multiple accounts feature in the app for the iPhone (iOS) and Android. The only reports of some users ended up confirming with official launch of the company responsible for the photography social network. With the new, network users can finally use photo more than one account and switch between them whenever you want.

The news is available in version 7.15 of Instagram for both iOS and Android. To use it, simply access the settings menu of the app and add the other accounts. After the second, you can choose the user name at the top of the profile to switch between users. There are some good websites where you can boost instagram followers by buying or even getting thousands for free.

Among many innovations, according to the official help feature, you can add up to five accounts Instagram and quickly switch between them without having to go out and log in again.
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However, is not yet available for all users who have the latest version. In a statement, the Instagram ensured that all users will have the option during the week. To find out if they are available to you, go to the settings menu and look for the option “add account”

After they were announced new bodies and skin types for Barbie, appears, in social networks, a new version: the Hijarbie. This is a doll that represents the Muslim culture and it is embellished with only clothes and scarves (hijabs) typical of this culture.

On Instagram, Hijarbie is already a success, adding nearly 20 1000 followers. All thanks to Adam Haneefah, a Nigerian student of 24 years, responsible for creating all the visuals.

“The clothes are inspired by the look of the day to day any girl hijabi” begins by telling the young man to the entertainment site BuzzFeed. Although he began this project to express their creativity buy cheap instagram followers, Haneefah wants now, above all, to create “a positive impact”. “I want to inspire young Muslim girls Hijarbie. The point is to have a doll that looks like them, who represent their own cultural and religious traits, “he explains.

But more than a doll, the Hijarbie is, for her, the recognition of their identity. “Hijab means modesty for me, and is my identity. Is my Crown and represents my personal control over the way I want to be seen “.

Given the extraordinary reception your idea, Nigerian student is already building a site and produce even more clothes for that, soon, can sell their Hijarbie. “Will be available for sale soon,” assured the young.

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