Ang Misis Kong Aswang Movie

Enteng Kabisote must probably be tired for this year’s Vic Sotto Metro Manila Film Festival entry is not Okay Ka Fairy Ko but Ang Misis Kong Aswang.

I saw a teaser (i think that’s during Manny Pacquiao’s boxing match) featuring Vic Sotto and Ritchie the Horsey running, then there’s this sexy “manananggal” flying towards them. The “manananggal” kidnaps Vic, lifts him somewhere, and then Vic says something i forgot (okay, this is not helping… hehehe). The woman’s face hasnt been revealed yet but reports say its Christine Reyes. If that’s the case, I would want to take some appetite suppressants so my body would be as sexy as Christine’s.

Anyway, Ang Misis Kong Aswang is produced by Octo Arts and MZet Films.

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