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It’s no secret that Filipina women exude an appeal so “exotic” that men gravitate towards them. The modern Pinay is a contradiction, a go-getter who could be painfully shy, career-oriented yet, could also be the most domesticated person. No wonder Pinoys find their women sexy.

Just look at the FHM and any other magazines designed for men, and look at how the sexiest polls go… or, how sexy stars’ used bikinis sell like hotcakes at online auctions (as if they’re mega stocks in the market). Thanks to FHM, Pinays are hotter than ever.

Over the years, since its launch here in the Philippines, one Pinay is regarded as the sexiest — the Philippines’ finest, they call it. But the question is, who among the FHM sexiest(s), is the sexiest?

Is it Angel Locsin, the girl-next-door turned superhero turned she-wolf? Or Katrina Halili, the seductress black darna? Or the sweet, innocent-looking mermaid, Marian Rivera?

Angel Locsin Katrina Halili Marian Rivera

Angel Locsin has graced countless magazines, and the most daring yet is not from FHM, but from the women’s magazine, Cosmopolitan, where she donned a maillot swimsuit. She has maintained a clean image, most likely because of her inert goodness.

Katrina Halili, on the other hand, is one lady oozing with appeal. She has eyes that talk, (more like a gaze that allures), an honest opinion. She has also appeared as covergirl, even calendar girl, in magazines, and has effectively risen from being a starstrcuk wannabe to a super kontrabida.

And last, there’s Marian Rivera, GMA network’s hottest star, an overnight sensation thanks to Marimar. Marian is currently FHM’s sexiest, the Philippines’ finest for 2008… and, she’s even broken a record cause she’s the first to be the sexiest non-FHM covergirl. No wonder Pinoys (and Pinays) are eager to know more about her.

Well, we find them all sexy, gorgeous, and talented! Seems that they represent the new breed of Pinays — one’s pretty much an angel, the other a hot devil, and then the other, a fantasy..

But that’s just us… and, we’re no guy (this explains why we sound so biased, “first paragraph-wise”, hehe! ).

So who’s the sexiest…

Voting’s now open! lol.

PS: Dont you people think that its gonna be a treat if Angel, Katrina, and Marian would appear together as covergirls in FHM. For December, maybe?

* Photo credits: Angel Locsin (, Katrina Halili (, and Marian Rivera (

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12 Responses to The Sexiest FHM Sexiest

  1. Larry says:

    I can’t Choose just one :)

  2. indah-cantik says:

    sexy doesnt only mean showing your flesh or flaunting your cleavage. a liar is no sexy, an ingrate is no sexy, ‘money changes everything’ is no sexy. i’d go for the ‘palaban (feisty)’ beauty, marian rivera.

  3. Spife says:

    I’ve followed Angel ever since her “Click” days and I’m amazed at what she’s achieved. Katrina, ever since she graduated from Starstruck, I knew she’d sell better as a sexy actress. Marian, I think she needs to plant her feet on the ground.

  4. yssay says:

    Marian Rivera is the best. Sexiest, flawless and gorgeously beautiful all over.

  5. yssay says:

    Well for us, Marian is the sexiest amongst the rest.

    Gorgeously beautiful all over.

  6. nottygirl says:

    angel locsin is the sexiest pinay !!!!

  7. nottygirl says:


  8. Zendy says:

    i like Marian Revira coz she’s formal to act and a good dancer.

  9. fe lata says:

    your so hot. . .. . .

  10. I lyk angel coz very sexy….

  11. elvie says:

    sexy nila ang ganda pa wowwwwwwwwwwww

  12. elvie says:

    kathrena dami isyooo marian din at angel wala isyooooooooooooooooooooo1///??

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