A Day at the Sony Expo 2008

my sony expo experience

First things first… my sincerest apologies to all the models, the guy included, and most especially Kc, for my “vision board” above… Ive been viewing too much of ‘The Secret’ so I could attract “the forces” within the VAIO laptop. Bwahaha!

Now that I finally got that “sorry” out of my system, hehe, here’s my story…

The Sony experience’s really many a first for me… It was my first time “inside” the Mall of Asia, it was my first time to attend a product launch, and it was my first time to muster enough courage to introduce myself to the bloggers I recognize there (the VIPs, thanks to Nuffnang… wootwoot!)…

SONY is love

Went there with mama (yes, i guess now you remember me!), logged, met Miss Roanna and Miss Jing, and then got some pictures taken at the registration counter… Time to get in, but no! I lost my VIP ID (huwat!?!!), and though the ushers at the “buffet area” were super nice to let me “in” despite the fact that I had no ID, i decided to just go back to the registration area and ask for another… and there, I met the Chuva-highness. Aww. :)

We’re all there to witness the unveiling of Sony’s latest “firsts” aka “my ultimate Christmas wishlist”.

my wishlist

Oh diba? Instant picture with the Sony gadgets. Hahaha! I would have had the real deal with each but my digital camera went mad, it went empty battery on me. (read: Panic attack)

The Sony expo 2008 is a gadget geek dream come true… imagine being treated to a “live show” featuring gadgets that are the first of its kind! Plus, you get to test them out, what with all the staff all willing to answer your every question (while smiling, huh… talented! hihi!)… You could even access the internet at their VAIO booth (the bloggers — including me — deliberately made their blogs the homepages, naughty!), and there’s free movie too, which I loved.


Yeah, that second picture above’s taken inside the “movie booth”… I asked permission to take photos as I enter for my free movie, but the guy was worried I might disturb the others “in the house”… so, okay fine, whatevs… after a few seconds, the guy took pity on me (or maybe he got charmed because I kept on asking questions — you know, like how much for the whole set-up, stuff like that…) that he allowed me to take photos… I took one, without the flash, out of fear of being knocked down by the others in the room. Hahaha.

Now my favourite segment of the Sony expo 2008 was the announcement of the winning blog, afterall, it was the reason why we got invited there in the first place (it was a press launch, i believe). Mike Pamero won with his entry, Katas ng Saudi — a fun one, which I read only after the expo… Astig, so funny, so I thought maybe the guys behind this campaign are all crazy and fun-loving… just like us. :D

As for my fave part of the event, it was meeting the bloggers… Im painfully shy so meeting them, and knowing that they’re nice pala (and probably just as shy), is a welcome first for me.

… maybe next year, there’s gonna be another set of “firsts” from Sony… Sony’s first laptop with autoblogging, camera, and video edit, with podcast-feature perhaps? Wow!


Now, to my friends and family, I super would love to have that DSLR. I’m feeling “photographer” now… You could just pool your money together and say you chipped in for me. Hahahahaha!

Merry Christmas everybody! Mwah! :)

PS: Thanks Sony and Nuffnang for the freebies!

photo credit: buycostumes.com (santa), jessiesimbulan.com (kc’s cute photo), earthlinggorgeous (us together), nuffnang (registration pics)… yes, the only pictures I was able to take before my battery went empty are my seat, the sony president, the movie, and my first stamp. Aww. :D

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11 Responses to A Day at the Sony Expo 2008

  1. chuvaness says:

    nice one! ang galing!goodluck to you and nice seeing you there

  2. mike says:

    hi iva! haha, kakatuwa naman ng pics! kudos to your great effort :)

    you were w/ur mom pala that time – kung nagkataon pareho pala tayo kasama ating wonderful moms :)

    uy, sayang naman..sana naki-charge ka rin ng battery dun sa mga booths. ako kc na-lowbat din eh kaya lng kinapalan ko na mukha ko..hehe :D

    anyway, wishing u a joyful Christmas :)

  3. admin says:

    nyahahay… uy thanks sa pagvisit. kakatouch naman :)

    honey, thanks po..

    chuvaness, likewise din. parang gusto ko ng screenname na cheverloo. lols.

    mike, wow big time.. heavy na to. yes, was with my mum kahit antanda ko na.. shy kasi ako haha. salamat sa pagvisit.. hope ur luck rubs off on me, kahit partial lang. :p

    Merry Christmas to you all… Happiness, lots of love and luck sa ating lahat. :)

  4. honeywfb says:

    walang ano man.. :)

  5. merie says:

    haha. cute entry :D and the photos too. galing!

  6. admin says:

    uy, thanks so much sa visit..

    merry Christmas sa atin lahat! Happiness and world peace. toinks. :D

  7. dale says:

    galing galing :)

  8. alamat says:

    Grabeh walang effort na nangyayari, naku Nuffnang may competition pa ba? ahahaha!

    Talagang for the win na ito – Vaio Laptop here I come.


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