Motorcycle Lane

I think I have posted about the dedicated lane for motorcycles plying Commonwealth Avenue a few months back. Well, something’s being done again in the area — this time, they’re trying to like, place hollow blocks on one side of the lane, which I think is intended to separate public utility vehicles from private cars (and motorcycles).

Not sure what the outcome would be but so far so good. I really like the motorcycle lanes. Traffic has gotten smoother since the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) put it up — and most likely, lesser accidents along the so-called “killer road”. Used to take almost an hour to get home, but now, I can get home in exactly 18 minutes. Yes, I timed it lol. Riders are happy racing their Continental motorcycle tires in their dedicated lane, private vehicles get the “fast lane”, and PUVs get their passengers.

Be safe this Holy Week. Drive carefully :)

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