Smart Text and Call Promo

I’ve been a smart subscriber for years but I dont really know their unlimited call and text promo…

All the more I got confused when the other day, I received free 100 peso airtime load from someone. What’s “airtime” load? How is it different from the ordinary load.

Anyway, the sms also said: “Enjoy 24 hours of unlicalls to Smart/TNT with SmartTalk! P100 for 5 days and P500 for 30 days.” So basically, it’s like subscribing for a landline phone right… 500 a month. I think it’s a cool thing, they just have to have a cell phone booster so when you go to the province (or sometimes, even just buildings — where there are no signals), you can still make calls.

If you’re interested to try it, the message also says: to register, text TALK100 or TALK500 to 6400.

Sorry, am not really much of a mobile phone “talker” so Im still trying to learn all these. Hehe.

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One Response to Smart Text and Call Promo

  1. miguel says:

    I do concur with you. In fact for a former smart user who have been used to ease with globe’s unlicall features, shifting to smart after working outside manila could have been a productivity booster. But I was wrong, smart unli call system is such a great crap! Though I maintained two units but if I could help myself not using smart i do, just to avoid the hassles of their system.

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