Jessica Sanchez on American Idol

Have not been watching much lately but a week ago, I saw on facebook that there’s a Filipina who made it to American Idol’s Top 24. Then, a few hours back, was “hearing” (tv’s on but just listening) the evening news and I learned that she’s been wowing the judges, especially with her latest — her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I’ll Always Love You”. Her dad’s Mexican and her mom’s Pinay and her name is Jessica Sanchez.

This is her vid:

I can’t believe she’s sixteen… I would have to like use a symbol barcode scanner to make sure she is, but I’m kidding, of course. Her voice sounds so mature, plus she carries herself well — almost like an adult. She sounds so good so here’s hoping she would get to be at least one of the three finalists in the competition. So far, the judges seem to favor her, so I dont know.. I hope it would serve her well.

So good luck, girl… We’re all cheering for you! :)

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