PBB Tricia has what?

Sorry if lately, my posts have been all about Tricia of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. Cant help it, she’s all over the place.

Anyway, last night’s episode was a shock. I’m not so sure but I’ve always thought that there’s a confidentiality clause of sort between doctors and patients. I just don’t get it why Big Brother’s resident psychiatrist would have to share with others, who are not even Tricia’s family, her “supposed” condition. I just find it odd.

Let’s just imagine, for a second, that we are Tricia, and we’re acting like our usual selves not knowing we have a certain type of “personality” (that is even hereditary?). How would you feel if the others are aware of your condition, and you dont — and with others, I mean the whole world (Hi tfc!). The psychiatrist even said it could be hereditary (correct me if im wrong) — I imagine how shocked Tricia’s family were seeing that on tv. OMG.

Ahh.. reality tv must have its limit. I think I’m gonna have to take clinicallix for tv now. tv diet. lol.

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