TV5 Face to Face

This is probably the worst show on Philippine tv.

I’m blogging as im watching this for the first time and it pains me to see what kind of ‘entertainment’ this program is trying to show.

Apparently, there’s an issue – tonight being two moms fighting with each other… and man, they’re even throwing expletives on air… and hitting each other! Just when mom’s are “supposed” to be all nice and working to provide their kids comfort (and stuff like books, clothes, uppababy vista), here they are lambasting each other… like a cockfight.

… and worse, there are three ‘judges’ there and one’s even a priest. My goodness. Yes, the women hugged each other and apologized in the end, the “judges” shared their words of wisdom in the end… but do they really have to show them “fighting and all” live? Why do they have to force it? Tsk.

It’s probably patterned on Jerry Springer but it’s just so…

I hope they either reformat or stop airing this program.

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2 Responses to TV5 Face to Face

  1. Joan Paula says:

    Im sorry to say, you are wrong. It is not the worst show. But it claims more positive claim. In fact it is the second most watched show on noon timeslot. Many lessons learned from 3 adviser. I think you must watch again the show twice before you decide. Yes, it is really based on the Jerry springer show. But it is reformulated to resolve conflicts as possible. Check it out on wikipedia. Youre blogging too fast without further gathering more facts. Because u blogging while watching the show so think again b4 u decide.

  2. admin says:

    Well, thanks for airing your concern but we each have our own opinion. I’ve watched it again, and I still think the same though. Anyway, I heard it won an award… and that there’s gonna be another show based on this. Congrats to Ms. Amy Perez for that.

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